Thursday, 12 April 2018

QBICO Unite IV Aarhus (Qbico 63/64; 2006)

rec. Feb. 1 (at Jon/Marc's flat) and 2 (live at Musikcafeen, Aarhus, Denmark), 2006 by Marc Gade

side A
Global Experience Orchestra- Flow with time

Daniel Carter- tp, as, cl
Vin Paternostro- ss
Marc Gade- tuba
Pernaus Salon- recorder, ss, clay flute
Qbico- balalaika, vc, perc, vl
Ed Wilcox- dr, harmonica

side B
Family Underground- 2/2/06

side C
Daniel Carter/Vin Paternostro/Ed Wilcox- Light in extension

side D
Daniel Carter/Vin Paternostro/Ed Wilcox- Walking flame

Daniel Carter- tp, as, fl ,cl
Vin Paternostro- ss
Ed Wilcox- dr


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